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“Rachmaninoff” – Story Basics

November 25, 2009

I just thought it would be fun to put a ‘current project in the works’ sort of post up here on WordPress. ^_^

The first self-published book that Saundra (S.L. Armstrong) and I plan to produce is Rachmaninoff. Here is some info about the project, and a bit of my own rambling, which I hope you’ll put up with.

Title: Rachmaninoff

Authors: S.L. Armstrong & K. Piet

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Homoerotica

Summary: Aric, a feisty, young musical prodigy, is brought to the reclusive Lord Nikola in Serbia, where he is to undergo a year of intensive tutoring with the pale, intense-eyed lord. It doesn’t take long for Aric to learn Nikola’s secrets, and the sexual attraction that had been building for months threatens to consume them both while a sinister force from Nikola’s past plots to tear them apart.

Notes from Kris: Yes, I know there are a million vampire romance books out there these days, but I think we have something unique and intriguing that departs from the standard Meyers-like or Hamilton-like tomfoolery and rubbish. As in most romance stories, it is driven by the characters, and I think we’ve captured a good contrast between a impetuous youth and and old, reclusive vampire. There are many things the pair has to overcome: age difference, culture differences, the challenge of coming of age through controlling/repressive familial dynamics and abandonment, polar opposite approaches to love and intimacy, the frustrations of an unstoppable force meeting an unmovable object (can anyone say ‘compromise’?), and the list goes on. The characters drive this story, and I think that you get to see both Aric and Nikola grow through their interactions with one another. That’s always a treat, I think. No stagnant characters! Yay!

I’m also a personal fan of the musical theme that we utilise in this story. As learned musicians, both Aric and Nikola inherently understand the emotion that can come across in a skilfully performed piece. It is the common ground they share, the place they both retreat when everything else seems to go wrong. I like the idea of music having the power of bringing people together, putting aside differences and moving past cultures that might otherwise never see eye to eye. I won’t drag on about it, but music has been a wonderful presence in my life, so it’s nice to share that a bit through this story.

The State of Things: The main story is basically complete here. The idea was sparked back around New Years (2008-2009) when I went to visit Saundra in Florida. We wrote pretty much all of it in about… two months, I think? And that was also back when we had planned to release it with other novella-length stories, one of which developed into The Keeper, another into Bound, and yet another into Catalyst. We later decided a collection wasn’t the way to go, since Bound and Catalyst both blossomed into longer stories. The plan as it stands now is to edit the heck out of Rachmaninoff and publish it apart from the other stories. We’re planning on writing an epilogue, short-story to be included in the publication (which will give the reader a chance to know the fate of the pair). Writing for that short story will commence after Saundra has moved and settled into her new apartment a bit, so around New Years. We have an editor set up to read through everything in the early summer. After that, we’ll make any changes we need to and prepare the manuscript for self-publication. We’re hoping to release it around the holidays of next year. (Correct me if I’m wrong on any of this, Saundra! ^_^)

In the meantime: Saundra and I will be brainstorming a smaller piece that we can format and make available on our website ( and on Kindle. This will be put up so people can check out our writing style and get a taste for what we do. We’ll also be setting up a Podcast and promoting our work, so there are exciting times ahead!

Hopefully that was informative! Any questions or comments? I’d love to hear ’em!


Cover Art: We also have the cover art already completed for this book! I didn’t want to leave out such a wonderful piece of art, which was provided to us by Nathie. You can find more of her artwork on her website at or on Deviant Art (username = Nathie). Follow the photo-link to the cover art!

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