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I’m Alive, I’m Alive, I am so Alive!

July 13, 2010

Lollipops and marshmallows for those who get the musical reference in the title of the entry. I know, I know, they should be free, but I’m on a budget. 😦

I haven’t made a real, personal update journal entry in MONTHS.

I realize this, and I apologize!

Trust me, it’s not that nothing’s happened in my life… It’s just that it takes me so long to get my thoughts down in written format that I usually tell myself they aren’t really THAT important and end up not posting anything at all. XD

Let’s see… Where did we leave off last time other than Storm Moon Press updates?

I think it was my October 2009 trip to Florida, yes? God, that feels like ages ago!

Necronomicon was a lot of fun. The theme was… Night in the Asylum, I think. There was a random guy cross-dressing and carrying around a portable, homemade coffin. XD Saundra, Roger, and I all sat in on some interesting panels. We were a bit disappointed in some of them, which seemed like an excuse for fangirls to go on and on about their obsession with hot characters in television (and movies… Edward and Jacob can just cease existing now. Please, God). One of the panels was about gay issues… and that ended up being a panel that started off with one of the panelists literally saying bisexuals were greedy fence-straddlers. Yeah. Sort of set the tone for the whole panel. Whenever Saundra or I brought up something, it wasn’t discussed for very long before everyone returned to other, usually unrelated, topics.

In any case, we still had fun meeting random people and getting ideas for our stories and how to market them. The ice-cream social was fun, as was the costume contest.

In January of this year (2010), Saundra moved into her current apartment in Bradenton, FL. At the end of that month, I finally got myself a job. I’ve been working at Massage Envy since then. Now, I know Massage Envy has gotten a bit of a bad reputation because of the growing pains it went through during its first five years as a franchise… but the clinic I work in is wonderful! I think the biggest blessing is our management. They really take care of us, listen to our concerns, and make changes to better the clinic and the therapists as well as the clients. No wonder we’re currently ranked #5 in the whole franchise! ^_^

In March, I went back to Florida for another visit to Saundra’s. I got to see her new apartment, and we spent a whole bunch of time working on plots for our books and some world-building. To try to condense everything so you won’t be reading for hours… We made a Styrofoam sphere into a globe model of our fictional planet, Egaea, including all the continents, two of which we’ve used in trial stories and RP logs. We also plotted out a bunch of stories, which I’ll put in a separate post as Works in Progress (WIPS).

In the months since that visit, Saundra and I have been very busy! As you can probably tell from all the official journal entries here, we’ve established our independent press: Storm Moon Press, which specializes in erotic romance stories that focus on GLBTQ and alternative lifestyle relationships. This is mainly a self-publishing venture for us, since we know our male/male erotic romance stories would never be picked up by big-name New York publishers. Might as well save our time, effort, and money doing our own thing the right way instead of paying an agent to sell something that is pretty much unsellable to traditional publishers and give up both artistic control and 90% or more of our royalties. While I realize there are pros and cons to self-publishing or using an independent press, when it comes to our work, it simply makes more sense. If you’re a writer wondering if you should go one way or the other, just do your research on both sides, figure out which is most appropriate for you, and then go after it with all you’ve got!

In addition to setting up the press, we have completed our first novella-length publication: The Keeper. It’ll release in less than a month! August 9th, 2010. Pre-sales are already available, if you’re interested!

We also have our first novel-length publication in editing at the moment (Rachmaninoff), and that’s slated to release on December 1st of this year!

Lastly, we have also actually contracted other authors to be part of our first anthology: Cast the Cards. It’s a collection of erotic romance short stories, and each story is based on the themes of a specific card from the tarot’s major arcana. I believe the cards featured in the stories are as follows: The Moon, The Hermit, The Tower, The Hanged Man, The Fool, and The Star. We’ve managed to get a great balance of pairings as well: 2 male/male, 2 female/female, and 2 ménage à trois. I’m so thrilled about this collection! I finished my story (based on The Tower) just a few days ago!

In other non-professional news, I’ve finally given in and started futzing around with BPAL (Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab). You might notice that in some of my Twitter posts on the sidebar. I don’t have a very developed sense of smell like Saundra does, so I’m stockpiling imps (little glass vial samples) of about a hundred scents from BPAL’s general catalog. Luckily, they’re relatively cheap, and there are communities here on the Internet that make most easy to find and buy from people. Since I don’t get out all that much and buy things for myself, this is the first big splurge I’ve done this year. The next will be an iPod nano with a camera on it. I’d love to start vlogging, since, as you can tel, I fail royally at the traditional blogging.

I’ve been living with my parents since I moved back to Flagstaff in August of last year. News on that front is that I’ve qualified for affordable housing, so I’ve scored a 1-bedroom apartment that’s simply HUGE, and the rent for it is only $301/month. Since I only work part-time at Massage Envy (the rest of my time taken up by writing, which I just love), I don’t make all that much money. Once I move at the end of this month, I’ll have to put a little more effort into getting a couple private clients per month. Even just five would supplement my income extraordinarily. In the meantime, I also help my mom out by doing her mailings for her real-estate job and assembling pop-bys that she takes to her clients every so often.

So yeah… That’s about the best I can do to bring you all up to speed on my life. I hope I haven’t bored you terribly!

The next few months, Saundra and I will be finishing up the manuscript for our next novel, Catalyst, which features some of our favorite characters ever. We’ll also be setting things up for our Press’ release of our novel and anthology while planning out and accepting submissions for our second anthology, which will be m/m anthropomorphic (aka “furries”) centric. If you’re at all interested in submitting to such an anthology, you’ll be able to find guidelines HERE when submissions open up.

Again, if you’re interested in Storm Moon Press or my writing, you can visit the official website. I know I’m not much of a blogger, but I should be promoting the hell out of myself and my writing in every way, and this is certainly one of the places to do so, right?

As a closing note, just for fun, I’ll tell you all that I dyed my hair bright, unnatural, fire-engine red last year around the time of Necronomicon. I’m not sure if I mentioned it at all, but I did it and had a blast with that crazy-bright hair color! When I got my job at Massage Envy, I was forced to dye over it to be more natural-looking for clients, but I’ve been growing out my hair, and I plan on getting it dyed again to the coppery red/bronze that I loved so much when I lived in San Francisco. I have a hair stylist who’s willing to trade me that dye job for massage work, which is always great. I love bright colors, and having a bright hair color just makes me all-around cheerful.

All right. I’ve talked your ears (or would it be eyes) off now, so it’s time for a break, and then the WIPS post will be next!


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