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“The Keeper” – Now Available!

August 10, 2010

“The Keeper”, my first published novella with S.L. Armstrong, is NOW AVAILABLE. You can purchase it directly from Storm Moon Press’ Website or through Amazon HERE.

We’re also having a special GIVEAWAY over on Twitter. Just Direct Message @peachesnjasmin (my co-author, S.L. Armstrong) with your e-mail address, and we’ll send you a FREE copy of the eBook in your preferred format (ePub, LIT, PDF, or Mobi). Please commit to reading and reviewing the eBook on Amazon if you send your e-mail her way. We’re trying to get some honest reviews so we can grow as writers/authors, so please give more than a couple sentences if you can! ^_^

I’m just so excited! A year-and-a-half in the making, and now it’s finally out there for the world to see! The wonderful thing is that it will always be available, thanks to the perks of self-publishing.

Have any friends who enjoy quality M/M erotic romance? SEND ‘EM ON OVER!


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