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Someone buy me a drink! – Progress Report

September 1, 2010

I’m not sure how I managed to miss WordPress, but it seems this is the only place I didn’t post my joy.

Yesterday, Saundra and I completed our manuscript for Catalyst!

In seven days we churned out 29,000 words. I’m so very proud! There were times that this story felt like it would never finish, like something was mentally blocking us from taking another step forward, but for the last week, it felt like everything fell into place.

It’s a story that delves deep into the psyche and explores the world of BDSM from the point of view of one with a need to achieve what he believes to be perfection, and also from a seasoned Dom who struggles to make peace with his own fetish. Catalyst follows the journey of these two characters, and I hope others find Logan and Kasper to be complex and enjoyable.


In other news, BookWenches just put out An amazing 4.5 star review for The Keeper!

It’s really wonderful to read a review and see that someone out there had an incredible time reading it. While Saundra and I put a lot of thought into the intellectual and philosophical tones of the piece, it was meant to be a romance first and foremost, and I feel like this reviewer understood where we were coming from. I’m so grateful!

With both the review and finishing Catalyst‘s manuscript yesterday, I was definitely in the mood to celebrate!

~K. Piet

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