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Update Time: So much to do…

September 20, 2010

…and always so little time to do it in, it seems.

I just wanted to make a quick little post to give an update about things that have me busy and excited!

1. Blogging – I swear, I’m trying to get more consistent for you all! I’ve never been a big blogger, and organizing my thoughts coherently in a post is sometimes an arduous task that must be spanned over two days. XD Nevertheless, I’m going to try to make at least one post a week, if not more. I’ve been looking at other blogs lately and seeing how they have feature days. My co-author (S.L. Armstrong) does her Craft of Writing series on Fridays. Kait Nolan has her Sunday Summaries and Free Fiction Fridays. I look at them and get inspired to come up with something that I could do every single week to keep me engaged and have some fun with my blog. It’s in my brain, so I’ll give it more thought and see where it takes me!

2. Cast the Cards Blog Tour – I’m in the process of setting up a blog tour to promote Storm Moon Press’ first official anthology, which will be released this Halloween (Oct. 31st, 2010). I’m thrilled to have booked six blogs/review sites so far, but I’m aiming for a higher number. The next few days will be filled with research and inquiries. I’m not afraid to e-mail people to ask for the privilege of being a guest on their sites, so it’s something I really love doing. It’s great to connect with other people, and I know it’ll really help promote SMP and Cast the Cards to a broader audience.

3. The Keeper in Audio! – Saundra has been hard at work with Perfect Voices finding a narrator/voice actor to record our novella, The Keeper, in audiobook format. I’m super excited about this, and one of the candidates that applied is amazing. (He’s also Australian… “Aussie Aussie Aussie!”) It will be an added expense for us this year, but it’s another audience we’d like to extend select titles to from Storm Moon Press. A thread I started over on Goodreads’ M/M Romance group made it clear that there’s a dearth of quality M/M Romance (and Erotica) available in this format. So long as the price is reasonable and the narrator exemplary, there’s a market out there, and I’ll be thrilled to offer The Keeper to them when it’s time. Stay tuned for news on that!

Those are the major three things on my mind lately with regards to writing and publishing, so I thought I’d share the excitement! I have much to do and am working in a small time crunch, which actually makes me work more efficiently. More on that topic in my next blog post!


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