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Cast the Cards Release & Blog Tour!

October 31, 2010

I’m very proud to announce the official release of Storm Moon Press’ first anthology, Cast the Cards!

It’s a very exciting time, since we at Storm Moon Press are releasing this anthology not only as an e-book but also in a print volume. It’s the culmination of months of work and features six wonderful, erotic short stories. I have one of the slots, as does my writing partner S.L. Armstrong, but we’re in incredibly good company with veteran authors Janine Ashbless, Marie Carlson, and Emily Moreton, along with first-time author Erik Moore. With two M/M, two F/F, and two M/M/F stories, there really is something for everyone in this anthology!

It’s a lovely expression of what we’re all about at Storm Moon Press, and that’s not only quality writing, but quality presentation of said writing. We’re dedicated to putting out a final product that everyone involved can look at and be proud of. I think we’ve accomplished that with Cast the Cards, and we’ll continue to do so with all our future releases.

I’m also super happy about this release, because it also means it’s BLOG TOUR TIME!

I’ll be posting up a sticky note on my blog with the tour dates, locations, and links to the posts. We have six sites that will be hosting giveaways as well, both for copies of Cast the Cards and for copies of our previous release, The Keeper. I’ll point you all in the right direction for those as they become available. Just keep your eyes on the sticky on my blog. ^_^

Are you excited?

I certainly am!

Cast the Cards cover art by Nathie

Cast the Cards
Authors: S.L. Armstrong, Janine Ashbless, Marie Carlson, Erik Moore, Emily Moreton, & K. Piet
Publisher: Storm Moon Press
E-book: $4.99 (Epub, Lit, Mobi, PDF) – ISBN: 978-0-9827008-2-2
Print: $9.99 (Paperback) – ISBN: 978-0-9827008-1-5
SPECIAL BUNDLE DEAL: Both e-book and paperback for $12.99 (saves you $2.00)
For over 250 years, the use of the tarot for divination has been a mainstay of mystical and occult practices. The themes and forces represented by the cards are said to govern our lives and our destinies. Whether you believe that or not, the story of the cards is nevertheless the story of our lives — the accomplishments and the pitfalls, the path from soaring joy to crushing defeat and back again. “Cast the Cards” is a collection of six all-new short stories that explore snapshots of remarkable individuals trying to make their way along that path.

Edith, a woman who has been burned too many times to play the Fool again. Jason, a young man whose bisexuality has made him feel like a Hermit. Sjofn the witch, on a quest to free herself from the control of the Hanged Man. Aaron, a dominant soul stuck in an ivory Tower. Bea, a mind reader weary of battle, but still with the Star in her eyes. Caleb, courted by a god beneath a dream of the Moon.

The path the tarot set before us is never easy, but by facing it with strength and determination, the rewards it promises are worth the risk.

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