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“Cast the Cards” Blog Tour – Nov 8th

November 8, 2010

Saundra and I are being interviewed over on Keta Diablo’s The Stuff of Myth and Men blog today! Tune in to learn what Saundra and I think makes a great story and a bit more about our current and upcoming releases at Storm Moon Press!

Just a note: It warms me that my co-workers at my massage therapy day job are so supportive of my writing. ^_^ It feels so amazing when they decide it’s worth the money to buy print versions of my books. Thanks go to Kimbo and Lauren for their purchases! Serena, Rob, and Joy might also buy copies with their next paychecks, which means I might not have brought home enough print copies for them all. *laughs* That’s definitely a problem I’d love to have! My co-workers are just awesome!

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