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“Cast the Cards” Blog Tour – Nov 9th

November 9, 2010

Saundra and I are being interviewed by T over on E-book Addicts today! It’s really a fun interview, so check that out. It’s also one of our giveaway stops on the blog tour, so be sure to comment and enter to win a free print copy of Cast the Cards!

Today is a full writing day, which is nice after finishing my first work-week after my trip to Florida. My body aches a bit, so the rest is definitely welcome. It’s also the day I’m kicking my own butt into getting all the review copies of Rachmaninoff sent out to prospective reviewers.

I’m at my parents’ house today just for a small change of scenery. They just bought an orange marmalade cat to join Chessie, since Chessie has been lonely since Mittens passed away. She’s incredibly affectionate so far, and we’re keeping her in the laundry room for the next couple days so she and Chessie can smell one another and acclimate a bit before being allowed to see one another. Here’s hoping they don’t have too many spats once they see one another!

On to sending out those e-mails!

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