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“Cast the Cards” Blog Tour – Nov 12th

November 12, 2010

Saundra and I are over on Elisa Rolle’s blog today, where we picked out our top five influential books! This was a particularly difficult thing for Saundra and I to do, though for very different reasons. Saundra told me she had difficulty sifting through all the amazing books she had read throughout the years and narrowing it down to the most influential ones. For me, I had a rather hard time choosing because I wasn’t sure which of the FEW books I’ve read have truly impacted me in the long run.

I know. It sounds simply terrible to say I’ve only read a few books. It’s not fully as bad as it might sound. I was just one of those youngsters who never fell in love with reading because it was always required reading. My parents did encourage me to read in my free time, but once I hit high school, I was only rarely reading in my spare time. It was only when I got into Lord of the Rings that I started reading for pleasure again. I devoured those books and as much fanfiction as I could. XD Throughout college, I continued reading some fanfiction, but once again, pleasure reading fell by the wayside because I was already spending so much time reading textbooks for my classes. It just felt like overkill to read more than was required. I’m a social person, and much of my college years, I felt isolated and under-engaged (if that’s a word).

Since I’ve graduated, I’ve really gotten into pleasure reading, and though I’m a terribly slow reader, I read at least a little before bed every night. It’s something I now find relaxing instead of frustrating, and I feel like I have so many years to make up for, so many classics to read and so little time!

In the end, I think this particular stop on the blog tour was a great exercise for me, as it made me realize how much I’ve missed out on and gave me motivation to read more. ^_^ I hope everyone checks out our top five picks. Enjoy!

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