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Rachmaninoff Reviewed + Update

December 1, 2010

Just a quick post to share that Rachmaninoff was reviewed by Critter Nymph over on Literary Nymphs Reviews Only and received 5 Nymphs out of 5! Here’s an excerpt:

Both characters (Aric and Nikola) have a lot to learn about themselves and each other. This time of learning is not an easy one for either of them, and at times, I wanted to pop one or both on the head for their actions. Rachmaninoff spans a period of several years, and is at times dark and intense; yet watching Aric and Nikola find their way will keep you turning the pages. I was happy with the way the authors wrapped up the story and will more than likely read it again.

In other news, I managed to finish my Gift-Fic for the Stocking Stuffer exercise over on Goodreads’ M/M Romance group. It was after 2am when I finally sent it to the Moderatrix to be posted. I’ll put up a link when it is actually posted up to the group on December 16th, but I will also send it through a round of actual editing before offering it up here and on my website as free content. I do hope the person I wrote it for enjoys it!

Last, but not least, December is finally here! That means several things:

1. Congratulations to the five winners of our Goodreads Rachmaninoff Giveaway: Adara, Ashley, Jerilin, Liditze, and Sophie! I hope you all enjoy your copies and have a great holiday season!

2. Tomorrow, December 2nd, Rachmaninoff will be offered as a One-Day-Only Giveaway on JesseWave’s Blog! I’ll post a link tomorrow when that goes live.

3. Storm Moon Press’ Swag Bag Giveaway is up and running! Be sure to head over to the Official Storm Moon Press Blog Entry to enter for your chance to win three print books and a bunch of other goodies from the press!

4. My advent challenge starts today! My goal is to write pieces UNDER 1000 words for each day leading up to Christmas. It will definitely be a challenge, but I’m looking forward to it! Any spoilers will be denoted in the header of the individual posts, but I’ll try to keep each piece easy to follow for those who haven’t read my published works. Many of the pieces will feature characters from unreleased works as well, so I hope you all enjoy the sneak peek! Feel free to comment on the posts. I love feedback, even if it’s just a simple, one-word comment! 😀

That’s all for now! Stay tuned for the first Advent piece!

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