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Free Fiction: Advent 2010 – Day Nine

December 10, 2010

Advent 2010: Day Nine

Title: Chosen Family
Characters: Dorian, Patrick, Lorelei, Quinn
From: Untitled (WIP)
Word Count: 1100
Rating: PG-13


Dorian whistled the Christmas Song softly to himself as he finished taping the present he was wrapping up for Quinn. The corners of his lips curved up as he was elbowed by Patrick and handed a bow. Patrick was much better at choosing bows, having the artistic eye for style and color that Dorian simply never had. If it wasn’t on a clothing hanger, he was clueless.

“Dorian!” Lorelei called from the kitchen. “How are the chestnuts coming?”

Dorian grinned and handed the next present to Patrick for wrapping. He stood and crossed to the fireplace. “They’re roasting on an open fire,” he teased as Lorelei came around the divider from the kitchen. She threw him a half-hearted glare, which sent him laughing. “They’re starting to pop open where you cut the little Xs. That’s good, right?”

“Yes, that’s good,” Lorelei chuckled.

“Anything to keep you out of the kitchen, huh Dorian?” Patrick asked, setting aside another finished present for Quinn.

“Shut up, both of you!” Dorian laughed, pouring the hot chestnuts onto Lorelei’s waiting tray. She drew him into a sweet kiss before returning to the kitchen to set the chestnuts near the open window to cool. Putting the roasting pan safely aside, Dorian flopped back onto the couch, immediately wrapping an arm around Patrick and nuzzling his way to the blond’s neck.

“Mmm,” Patrick purred, tangling his fingers in Dorian’s dark hair. “All finished with Quinn’s gifts.”

“Good,” Dorian murmured, nipping and suckling over Patrick’s pulse. He heard Patrick moan, and the scissors clattered to the coffee table, making him jump. Patrick’s hands slid under his shirt, pulling him closer, and he chuckled as he moved to straddle Patrick casually on the couch. He couldn’t help but rub their groins together suggestively as they kissed and held one another.

“You boys better make room for me,” Lorelei warned, brushing stray strands of her coppery hair back behind her ears. “After slaving in that kitchen all afternoon, I deserve a good kiss from each of you.”

Patrick’s thoughts must have mimicked Dorian’s, because they both reached out for Lorelei and pulled her down to the couch with them, drawing her close enough for them each to plant a lingering kiss to her lips. Patrick hummed his approval when Lorelei moaned softly and pulled back enough to look at them. “Now, all we need is Quinn. What exactly is he doing in that office of his instead of joining us?”

Dorian shared a look with Lorelei, and their smiles fell. He decided to let her do the explaining.

“Every year, following our visits to our families, Quinn retreats to his office to call his father.”

Patrick frowned. “The father that never speaks to him?”

“It’s the one time of year that Quinn tries to heal things between them,” Lorelei murmured, glancing sadly at the closed office door down the hallway.

“We sat there with him the first few years as he got the ‘You’re an abomination and smear on the family name’ speech, but he’s asked us to leave him alone for it the last two years,” Dorian complained softly, and he could see Patrick’s spirits wilt just a little.

“He wants to go it alone because he knows it would probably bring down the mood,” Patrick sympathized. “I get that. We were super lucky with my family. They might think I’m crazy, but at least they still love me.”

“Except for your Uncle Rob. That guy was an insensitive prick,” Dorian amended bluntly, pleased when it broke a bit of the tension and got Patrick laughing.

“Yeah,” Patrick admitted, “but that’s different from what it’d be like if my dad flew off the handle. What do you guys usually do for him after the annual lecture?”

“Drown him in good food,” Dorian grinned, looking at Lorelei.

She just nudged him, returning his smile. “Or give him an amazing blow-job, right Dorian?”

“Or just hug him close and remind him that he has an amazing girlfriend and two boyfriends who light up his life when it’s at its darkest.”

All eyes turned to the hallway, where Quinn leaned against the corner with a smile. Quinn’s voice was tired but still managed to hold that edge of good humor that Dorian always admired. No matter what happened on the phone, Quinn always kept his outward cool. Dorian knew a tempest was raging inside him, though. He wasn’t the most observant of their quad, but year after year, he’d seen just how much it drained Quinn to go through the phone call at Christmas.

Dorian slid off Patrick’s lap when Patrick tapped his hip, and he watched Patrick stand and cross to Quinn. “You’re loved, Quinn,” Patrick stated warmly, brushing back Quinn’s silvery blond hair and straightening the older man’s glasses. “All three of us love you.”

“We’re family,” Lorelei chimed in as Patrick took Quinn’s hand and led him to the sofa.

“And family’s the most important thing at the holidays,” Dorian purred, sitting on the floor at Quinn’s feet once he was settled with Patrick and Lorelei on either side. He draped himself over Quinn’s legs, resting his head in his lover’s lap, his eyes canted up to see Quinn hugging Patrick and sharing a loving kiss with Lorelei.

They spent several minutes just exchanging loving hugs and kisses, soothing away the worry lines from Quinn’s face with the love they felt for one another. Quinn’s nimble fingers combed through Dorian’s hair in the end, and he hummed happily when Quinn’s voice lilted between the four of them.

“So, what special snack do we have in store before the big meal, Rory?”

Lorelei smacked Quinn for using the pet-name, and Dorian snickered. “I’ll have the chestnuts out to you in five minutes,” she announced, kissing Quinn one more time before heading back into the kitchen.

“I’ll clean up the coffee table and see what Christmas movie we can find on T.V.,” Patrick offered.

“And I’ll see to that blow job,” Dorian smirked, pushing himself up just enough to press his own kiss to Quinn’s lips.

Quinn laughed, and the sound rolled over Dorian in sensual waves. “Sounds perfect, pretty boy.” Amid the flicking of television channels and the scent of pine and chestnuts, Dorian quickly lost himself in Quinn’s kisses.

What he and Lorelei had said was true. No matter what differences they had, the four of them were family now, and in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, with all its ups and downs, that’s what really mattered.

The love they shared meant everything in the world.

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