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Free Fiction: Advent 2010 – Day Ten

December 10, 2010

Advent 2010: Day Ten

Title: O Christmas Tree
Characters: Alex, Ranae
From: Untitled (WIP – spoilers!)
Word Count: 663
Rating: R


“I still don’t see the point of doing that here,” Ranae complained, reclining on the bed as he watched Alex decorate a small tree in their chambers.

Alex just snorted. “You don’t have to see the point. It’s important to me.” Sure, it was rather strange to put up a Christmas tree in the muted colors of the Shadow World, but it was the one spark of color and light that he could bring from the Bright World.

“You live in Helle with the Muse of Dominance, Alex. You should hardly be celebrating the supposed birth of some random Hebrew Savior thousands of years ago.”

“This from the man who will be dancing the lead in The Nutcracker in two days,” Alex countered, grinning when it shut Ranae up for several seconds. He managed to finish with the tinsel and put up a couple ornaments before Ranae spoke up again.

“Dancing is my job. You’re doing this for fun. It’s different.”

Alex glared over his shoulder. “Then why don’t you get your ass over here and join in the fun instead of being a whiny bitch?”

“Fine. I’ll join in,” Ranae grumbled.

Alex turned back to the tree, grinning his triumph as he attached hooks to a few blown glass ornaments and carefully hung them on strong branches while Ranae shuffled around a bit behind him.

“Mind if I add my own personal touch?” Ranae asked.

“Not at all,” Alex chuckled, but when he turned around, his eyebrows rose. Ranae smirked as he nestled a collar around the top of the miniature tree. He circled the tree with the chain, hanging it on the branches like a garland. “Your collar?”

“Oh, that’s just the beginning,” Ranae purred in a way that shot straight to Alex’s cock. He watched Ranae open the drawer beneath the dresser he’d placed the tree on. He hadn’t even realized where he had set everything up. Ranae took a cock ring and hung it on a branch before adding a couple sounding rods with rings on the ends. They looked like metallic icicles hanging from the three, and Alex bit the inside of his cheek.

When Ranae attached nipple clamps to two branches, connecting them with a decorative chain, Alex couldn’t help himself. He burst into laughter. “This has to be the most unconventional Christmas tree in the fucking world!”

“But now it’s ours,” Ranae hummed.

“So it is,” Alex agreed, wrapping an arm around Ranae’s waist as they continued decorating their tree with odds and ends from their extensive toy collection. Every toy had a wealth of memories attached to it, and it didn’t take long for both of them to become achingly hard, even as they laughed and strung up anal beads like another kinky garland.

Ranae pulled out a particularly long, textured sounding rod from the drawer, but Alex grabbed his wrist before the icicle-like wand could be hung on the tree. “Ah ah ah,” he reprimanded, his hand sliding down Ranae’s leather pants to grip his ass and squeeze roughly. “I have plans for that one.”

Ranae shivered in his arms. “Do those plans involve the shackles on our bed?”

“Along with the piercing needles I know you’ve been saving for a special occasion,” Alex promised, pulling their bodies flush against one another. He brought their lips together in a deep, rough kiss, lust and dominance rising up in him.

“I refuse to celebrate Christmas,” Ranae panted between kisses.

Alex just laughed and looked down into those vibrant, inhumanly blue eyes which always seemed to hold a challenge for him to meet. “Oh, you’ll celebrate,” he growled through a grin. “You’ll celebrate until you can celebrate no more.”

As he wrestled Ranae to the bed, he caught the lights from the tree glimmering in Ranae’s eyes. It might not be a traditional Christmas like the ones he grew up with, but with Ranae beside him, he knew it would hold a definite spark of… inspiration.

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  1. December 10, 2010 11:18 pm

    Very much them, yes. It’s quite delightful, though the tree in my head looks a complete mess. XD

    • December 10, 2010 11:38 pm

      An incredibly messy tree, yes. *laughs* Probably leaning horribly to one side from all the metal… the star at the top actually a spiky cock ring or something. XD

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