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“The Keeper” Audiobook Now Available!

December 10, 2010

The Keeper is now available in Audiobook format! I’m incredibly excited about this. I’m not way into audiobooks myself, but when I inquired over on Goodreads about the interest for audiobooks in the M/M Romance genre, the response was pretty much unanimous: ‘We want more audiobooks in the genre!’

You have stated your interest, and Storm Moon Press has responded! The Keeper is our debut novella, and we couldn’t think of a better choice for our first audiobook! We worked with Perfect Voices, who matched us with the amazing voice talent of Kevin Powe. He read a small excerpt from the novella, and Saundra and I just fell in love with his narration style. Not only was he able to develop different voices for each character, but he gave them depth and just the intonation we were looking for. He never made Judas seem too preachy, even when Judas was preaching. More than anything else, Saundra and I wanted Judas to sound human, like a man who has lived for two thousand years and has a bit of wear and tear to his spirit. I think Kevin Powe brings that aspect to Judas perfectly!

To give credit where it is due, Jeffrey Kafer and David Niall Wilson have been great to work with on this side of the microphone, and Saundra and I can’t recommend a better company.

You can buy the audio book here at CrossRoad Press or at SpringBrook Digital for $9.99. If you buy it through iTunes, Audible, or another third party retailer, the price will be $12.99. It’s always better for the customer AND the artists/authors if you go through the publisher’s site.

Thanks, everyone, and I hope you enjoy a copy of The Keeper in audio format for the holidays! 😀

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