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Free Fiction: Advent 2010 – Day Eleven

December 12, 2010

Advent 2010: Day Eleven

Title: Set in Ice
Characters: Bastian, Riley
From: The Other Side of Night, Book One (working title, WIP – spoilers!)
Word Count: 959
Rating: PG-13


Bastian focused intently on his work, using a sculpting chisel to cut out details on the large hunk of ice that he had helped shape into a life-sized angel. It had been a great opportunity to work with the Okamoto Studio in New York City, one that he hadn’t been able to pass up, even if it took him away from Riley for a few days over Christmas. Riley had even encouraged him to go, but as he finished off the last details on the last ice sculpture of the display, he felt the burning in his blood to be close to Riley again.

Three and a half years they’d known one another, and he was finally on the verge of finishing his college degree. It had taken a semester longer than he’d anticipated thanks to how much he’d screwed around his Freshmen year. Riley had really been an excellent influence on him over time, inspiring him when he felt stagnant and giving him honest critiques on his art projects so he could improve – on everything except oil paintings, anyway. They’d had such a rough relationship, but they had finally settled into one another’s lives, and even thinking of Riley now made his heart feel warm inside.

He didn’t mind the chill of the clear night or the feeling of ice against his fingers. His own skin was cold enough to not cause the ice to melt under his touch, an indication of just how much he needed to feed once he got back to his hotel room. His cool touch was something he was thankful Takeo and the other sculptors hadn’t taken note of. They also hadn’t asked too many questions after he had explained his UV allergy. His professor at TSU had vouched both for his supposed illness and his sculpting skill, which certainly didn’t hurt.

Bastian’s chisel scraped over the ice, carving just a couple more details into the angel’s wings before he climbed down his ladder. He was met with others from the team, who clapped him on the shoulder before helping him get the ladder out of the nativity display. The lighted plates under each of the sculptures set all the surfaces gleaming, and he smiled as he looked over the scene, incredibly proud to have been part of the project. He was new to ice sculpting, and to work with some of the best in the world was incredible!

He could just imagine Riley’s reaction. His handsome, tall lover would look over his shoulder, trying to take in the view from Bastian’s perspective, and then he would whisper something like—

“That’s one of the best pieces of work you’ve ever done.”

It was almost as if Riley’s voice were truly there next to his ear. The slight puff of warmth against his ear made it seem like Riley was right behind him as he imagined, and he grinned, losing himself to the illusion. “You said that about my luminaries just a couple months ago.”

“I said one of the best, not the best,” Riley chuckled. “Besides, you didn’t do these all on your own.”

Bastian frowned. That reaction was just too life-like for words. He shouldn’t have been surprised when he turned around to see Riley standing just behind him, bundled up against the cold, but it was still a shock that sent him jumping, his eyes wide as he took in the sight of his ginger-haired lover.

“Riley!” he laughed, pulling the taller man into a tight hug. “I was just thinking of you! I thought you were a figment of my imagination!”

“Then you’ve been spending far too much time in the freezing cold,” Riley grinned, his freckled cheeks glowing pink from the chill.

“You came all the way from Nashville to see me sculpt?” Bastian asked, one arm holding Riley close at the waist while the other hand brushed over those flushed cheeks. His fingertips inched lower, and he tugged Riley’s scarf open a fraction, allowing his fingers low enough to brush over the small scar left from his repeated bites. “You’re fucking crazy, y’know.”

Riley leaned in close, and the kiss he pressed to Bastian’s lips made Bastian’s teeth itch and body ache for the familiar rush of Riley’s blood. “There was another reason that compelled me,” Riley whispered against his lips.

“Mmm… and what’s that?” Bastian hummed, nipping Riley’s full lower lip.

“My body aches for you, but I thirst for you. I thought I could abstain four or five days, but it’s like my veins are on fire already. I need an infusion, Bas.”

That was Riley, his adorable veterinarian using terms like ‘infusion’ rather than just saying he wanted to bite Bastian’s neck until he drank the blood he needed as his bonded ghoul. He smiled brightly. “If you walk the rest of the ice sculpture show with me, I’ll make certain we both get what we need back at the hotel.”

Riley raised an eyebrow. “Only if I walk the show with you?”

Bastian smirked. “If you don’t walk with me, I’ll still give you my blood, but if you do walk with me, I’ll bend you over the sofa and fuck you as I feed first.”

Riley shivered in his arms, and he knew he had won even before Riley murmured. “I could do with a little more walking.”

Bastian laughed and hugged him close for another deep kiss. Having Riley there with him just made the entire experience of sculpting for Okamoto that much richer. It was like the cherry atop a perfect sundae. It might have been his first Christmas outside Tennessee since he was a kid, but thanks to Riley’s surprise, he knew it would be the best Christmas yet.

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