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Free Fiction: Advent 2010 – Day Twenty

December 23, 2010

(I realize these are pretty late, but I just hit an artistic slump for a few days and couldn’t seem to get a single idea to take shape in my head. Today I’m doing well, though, so here are the next few advent pieces! Enjoy!)

Advent 2010: Day Twenty

Title: Like a Cat with Cream
Characters: Alec, Tavish
From: World of Egaea (WIP)
Word Count: 622
Rating: PG-13


Alec purred, warm and utterly sated from the attentions of his mate by the fireplace. Their den smelled like a combination of sex, pine, and fresh cookies. It might have been a rather strange combination among their kind, who preferred the smell of a fresh kill to something baked, but Tavish brought strange traditions from his life in Forrin, and Alec found he couldn’t complain.

He was far too busy lapping at a bowl of cream Tavish had set down for him to complain.

You are such a house cat.

Alec glanced over at Tavish’s lynx, Kasa, his ears twitching as she flicked her tail in that slow, amused way that his own often swished while he was with Tavish. He didn’t even have to reach through his soulbond with Tavish to respond. He simply let the twitches of his ears, tail, and facial expression convey that he suspected she was just jealous of his cream.

The way her ears turned down and backward a little, the tufts of fur at the tips pointing away from him, was a clear sign of her affront, and he watched her eyes dart down to the bowl and back up to him. He purred even louder than before and made a show of lapping up more of the sweet, rich liquid.

Kasa growled softly, but even the small sound managed to be threatening, and Alec crouched over his bowl, shifting on his legs so he was ready to pounce and defend his cream if she made a move.

“Stop it! Both of you!” Tavish laughed from behind him.

It drew both of their eyes to Tavish, who sat crosslegged beside the fireplace, munching a couple cookies freshly plucked from the tiny clay oven they had added to their den following the war.

“She called me a house cat,” Alec complained, a touch of growl to his words.

“You are part domesticated cat,” Tavish pointed out, making Alec’s ears flatten unhappily. Tavish was not helping the situation. He looked at Kasa the instant Kasa’s gaze returned to him, and his tail ticked back and forth like a pendulum, counting the seconds to her attack.

The stare was only broken when Tavish reached over and took his tail in hand, petting and scritching it. His slight growl instantly transformed to a deep purr, and he moaned softly, “Unfair.”

“If you let her have the rest of the bowl, I’ll groom your tail with the brush until it shines,” Tavish tempted, his voice trilling lightly with his own purr that made Alec want to knead a circle in his mate’s lap and curl up for a nice, long cuddle.

Kasa inched her way towards the cream, and Alec looked between the two, torn between the options.

“Would it help if I w-were to g-g-give you another sort of cream l-later?” Tavish asked softly, his cheeks flushing prettily in the firelight.

Gods, that stuttering question made Alec’s choice for him. He couldn’t resist his innocent mate whenever he attempted to talk dirty. It was the most adorable trait that no amount of lovemaking had changed in Tavish, and he was glad that it surfaced every so often.

The bowl was abandoned without another thought, and Alec purred as he lovingly nipped and scent-marked Tavish’s neck. “Petting and grooming first, and then I’ll groom you for that cream.”

Tavish blushed but chuckled as they kissed, and Alec’s rough tongue teased Tavish’s smooth one, making all sorts of little promises. When they pulled back and smiled at one another, Alec knew that the greatest gift wasn’t the cream that Kasa noisily lapped behind him. The real gift was Tavish, and he’d make sure Tavish knew it the rest of the night.

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