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Catalyst Now Available!

February 14, 2011

Catalyst was made available in e-book formats on Friday (a few days earlier than expected), but I wanted to put up an actual post today on the original release date. ^_^

I’m SUPER excited about this release. When Saundra and I first came up with Logan Walker and Dr. Kasper Bromley, theirs was supposed to be a short story idea of a character with clinical vampirism (Renfield’s Syndrome) seeking help from a psychologist. As the character of Logan developed, he morphed and shifted away from the clinical vampirism we’d intended. Like some characters, he took on life of his own. Logan became a long-time patron of BDSM, someone with an intense blood fetish but without the belief that the blood gave him renewed lifeforce (as seen sometimes in Renfield’s Syndrome).

Kasper also took on new life as Saundra and I explored his backstory, and his own psychological journey as a man forever seeking perfection truly added depth to the story. It became as much Kasper’s story about discovering submission and dealing with the consequences of that discovery as it was the story of Logan dealing with his blood fetish and finding someone who loves and supports him while accepting that part of him. These two characters will definitely always have a special place in my heart, so I hope readers really enjoy them.

Catalyst will certainly not be everyone’s cup of tea, since it has really intense, graphic BDSM in it, but those who enjoy that sort of fiction will hopefully enjoy what Saundra and I have to offer in this novel.

You can find Catalyst in e-book formats over on Storm Moon Press’ Website, and I’m sure it’ll pop up on third party vendors over the next few days as well. The print version will be released in mid-March, but for those who prefer e-book or don’t want to wait for the print version, head on over to Storm Moon Press and buy a copy!


Buy Your Copy Now At STORM MOON PRESS!
Catalyst cover art

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