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Sorry for the Radio Silence

April 13, 2011

Hey, everyone! I’m so sorry for the radio silence these last couple months. A lot has been going on, and I’ll admit that when I get stressed out, the blog is one of the first things to go out the window. I’m a terrible author! Bad Kris! Bad!

To catch up, I’ll try to make this an organized, concise entry. We’ll start with a quick list to summarize!

  • Quasi-New Release: “Surrender” Short Story
  • Current Giveaways
  • New Reviews for Catalyst and Rachmaninoff
  • Progress on Other Side of Night: Bastian & Riley
  • Progress on Wild Passions Anthology
  • Progress on Daughters of Artemis Anthology
  • Basic Storm Moon Press News
  • Cover Art Update! (always fun)

Quasi-New Release

I’m very happy to announce that my short story “Surrender” is now available through the Storm Moon Press website. This is the same short story that I wrote for inclusion in the Cast the Cards Anthology. Most of the other stories from that anthology will also be made available individually, which allows fans of M/M to buy the M/M stories, F/F fans to buy F/F, and M/M/F fans too… well, you get the idea. ^_^

“Surrender” is based on the themes of The Tower card from the Major Arcana of the Tarot. The Tower is all about change coming quickly like a lightning bolt, bringing conflict and disruption, but ultimately, renewal. I’ll leave you with the blurb and photo-links to the short stories now available.

Aaron is a dominant soul stuck in an ivory Tower. His inexperience with the submissive side of the Scene prompts a fellow top named Travis to offer Aaron a chance to see what he’s been missing. When Aaron agrees, the experience threatens to knock down Aaron’s entire house of cards. And he’s not entirely sure he minds.


Current Giveaways

Saundra and I have two giveaways going on Goodreads right now, one for each of our short stories, which have been newly released as I explained above. To win an e-book copy of my short story, “Surrender”, just comment on this thread. Likewise, to win a copy of S.L. Armstrong’s “Oneiros”, you can comment on this thread. You do have to be a member of Goodreads to enter, but it’s super simple if you’re not already part of the site. Both giveaways are open until 11:59pm EST on 4-16-2011 (this Saturday night). Good luck to any who enter!

New Reviews!

Over the last couple months, Saundra and I have received reviews for both Catalyst and Rachmaninoff. Thank you to all our reviewers! We’re so thankful that you took the time to read our books and review them!

Progress on Other Side of Night: Bastian & Riley

Saundra and I have just received our edits back from our editor. We’d had many concerns after reading through the comments and edits from our betas and proofreader, but some of those have been put to rest. We’ll begin revising the manuscript soon to tighten it all up, making additions where necessary. We’re so grateful that our editor, Alisha, is thorough and tells us exactly what needs to be done to make the story better. Thanks!

Progress on Wild Passions Anthology

Saundra and I have also been busy writing the last week! I took a trip to Florida to plot out some story ideas and talk finances, and upon returning, we had our short story for the Wild Passions Anthology all worked out. Four days and 13,100 words, and BaDaBoom, we have our short story, “Alpha’s Pride”! In this short story, readers will get a glimpse at our massive fantasy world, Egaea. It will be a couple years before any of our full length stuff for that world comes out, but until then, you can meet our feral-Maith in “Alpha’s Pride”! The story itself will be released on its own in December, but Saundra and I are in great company in the anthology, so I encourage people to buy the anthology itself. Wild Passions will be available in June. ^_^

Progress on Daughters of Artemis Anthology

Much like the stories in Wild Passions anthology, those that have been accepted for Daughters of Artemis have gone through their first round of edits. Saundra and I have plotted out our own story for the anthology and will be tackling that in the next couple days. It will likely end up a bit longer than “Alpha’s Pride”, and it involves a love triangle that becomes a F/F/F ménage à trois. Remember how this anthology features stories involving the Alpha Female werewolves? Our story, “Under the Strawberry Moon”, will feature the Alpha, her Beta, and a newbie werewolf joining the pack. Daughters of Artemis will be available this coming July. Lots of fun!

Basic Storm Moon Press News

While I can’t give away too many details, I’d like to express my general excitement (i.e. SQUEE!!) over current events for the press. We have begun branching out and inviting authors to publish with us for our 2012-2013 release schedules. This means you’ll be seeing some new names from Storm Moon Press over the next couple years. We’re super excited about featuring other authors, and we’re hoping that the features of our press prove beneficial for the authors who contract with us, be it for anthology short stories or full length novels. Know someone who would like to write for an author-centric micropublisher? Send them on over to the Storm Moon Press website to learn more about us!

Cover Art Update!

This is always a really fun part of updates! I saved the best for last! 😀

All credit goes to Nathie for creating these amazing pieces of digital art. Enjoy!

Cover Art for Polyfidelity
Polyfidelity will be Storm Moon Press’ first polyamoury title. Saundra and I are incredibly excited to offer it, since we both feel there isn’t nearly enough poly-positive erotica out there. There are plenty of threesomes in sex scenes out there, but rarely actual polyamorous relationships.

Cover Art for Lessons in Cowboy
A contemporary western, Lessons in Cowboy follows a country western music starlet as he is shown the ropes on a real ranch for the first time. This story was originally started by Saundra, but she’s asked me to join in the fun, and I can’t wait to help her finish it up!

That’s all for now, folks! I’ll be sure to try to update more often. I have a couple blog posts mulling around in my brain, so I’ll make an honest effort to get those up onto the blog soon. I’ll also be sure to update when we have the final cover art finished for Wanderlust: Land of Nod, the first novella in our series about Cain and Lilith. The sketches are amazing, and I think everyone will love the final product!

Until next time, thanks for sticking with me through this massive update!

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