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Imminent Cross-Country Move :D

June 24, 2011

This post is a bit of a personal update, though it does relate to business. ^_^

I will begin my trek down to Florida on Monday, but I turn my keys in on Friday at my apartment, so yesterday was the day I moved all the furniture out of my apartment. I had been all worried that I wouldn’t have enough help for the few old, wooden pieces that weigh a ton, but it ended up working very well. One of the two girls who came to help me ended up calling her friends, and so we were joined by a couple more people who were incredibly helpful.

It took us a few trips to get all the furniture to the storage space (a few pieces over to a different place as well for my sister), and I took a detour to finally mail off my big boxes to FL as well. Once everything was over at the storage space it was all a matter of reorganizing and rearranging everything, and that’s what took up the bulk of the time. Two of my helpers had to leave before we could even get to the rearranging, so it was a little more challenging, but I’m so grateful for everyone’s strong arms! Thanks to some ingenious stacking (Tetris, anyone?), packing buddies who didn’t mind climbing over stuff, and pieces of furniture fitting perfectly in nooks and crannies, we were able to pack my tiny 5 x 10 ft storage space absolutely FULL. Everything but a few chairs fit, and those went easily into my parents’ storage space in the end.

Following all that, I took my helpers out to dinner, and then it was just me and one friend (whom I’ve known since junior high XD). We spent a bunch of time actually packing up my car as well, which was an entirely different beast. She stayed until about 1:30 am, and we had plenty of laughs while packing and finding ways to get everything to fit in my little Corolla. I had to pick my sister up at 2:00 am from her shuttle, but it was on my way back to my parents’ place, where I promptly crashed for the night. Woke up early to get back to my apartment, so now it’s all about cleaning everything up and gathering what little is left in my cupboards and closet to either pack the rest of my car or hand stuff over to my family.

Long story short? Yesterday was a very LONG day, but highly productive, which makes today much easier.

(ETA: I’ve just finished with the majority of the cleaning, so there’s just loading left, which will go mostly into my mother’s car when she’s able to stop by. I’ll still have some stuff to go through back at my parents’ house, just getting through the last things I shoved into bags, but I’m pretty much done, which is super exciting! Just have to clean the shower and the stove, and I’ll pretty much be finished. Woot!)

Can’t wait to get to Florida. I’m going to miss my family terribly (as well as the forest-y climate I’m used to), but I’m trading it for the opportunity to further Storm Moon Press, dive into my writing, and hopefully get a massage job that will pay me better than my last one. ^_^ There will also be great food and fun with Dance Central. I’m sure I’ll find a karaoke place I’ll enjoy going as well, so being in the big city will have its advantages.

I’m just really excited to make my way down there. Can’t wait!

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