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KPiet.Net Has Been Overhauled!

July 9, 2011

Time for a progress report!

Thanks to the amazing skills of my co-author, who knows a ton more about HTML and graphic design than I do, KPiet.Net has had a major overhaul. It’s needed it for a while, and I’m so ecstatic about the final result! Everything is bright, colorful, clean-cut, and easy to read. (Not to mention how easy it is for me to update now, which is always a major plus. :D)

The big additions to the site include a full update on both my published fiction and my works in progress AND a new Freebies page, where you can sample my fiction before you buy my published work. Some of my favorite microfiction and short stories from the last year are up there already for you to enjoy, and I’ll be adding more bits and pieces periodically. So pull up a chair, enjoy the new colors, and read!

In other news, I finally have an outline for my short story contribution to the Daughters of Artemis Anthology. My story features both werewolves and weretigers. I took my inspiration from the interaction of grey wolves and amir tigers in the Russian Far East, where they compete for territory and access to their strikingly similar prey. It will be a fun piece to complete, and I look forward to diving back into writing it today.

Saundra and I are also working on our serial fiction, A Knight’s Sacrifice, which should be a weekly treat for everyone with new chapters being posted up each Friday. I’m a few weeks behind in posting these, so you’ll get the existing chapters here throughout the week. Yay for free fiction! For now, I’ll tease you a little with cover art. Enjoy and tune back in for those chapters in a few days!


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