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2011 Blog Tour – Week 4 + Last Chance for Giveaways!

October 30, 2011

*sounds a trumpet*

That’s right! Our Storm Moon Press 2011 Blog Tour is coming to a close. It’s been a really fantastic run this time around, and we’re all thrilled to have trekked around the blogosphere this month. Did you miss our stops this last week? Here they are for you!

Aleksandr Voinov is interviewed on BookWenches
The Invisible: Bisexual, Trans*, and Intersexed Characters – Storm Moon Press visits Bibrary Book Lust to talk about neglected areas of GLBT erotic romance
S.L. Armstrong & K. Piet are interviewed on Bibrary Book Lust
Cornelia Grey is featured on Elisa Rolle’s Blog with her top 10 books
Moving Beyond M/M – K. Piet talks about Storm Moon Press expanding to include mainstream M/F and the LBT part of GLBT over on Desert Island Keepers
What is Wild Moon Books? – A quick introduction to Wild Moon Books on Desert Island Keepers
Tropes in Romance: Good or Bad? – S.L. Armstrong talks about the pros and cons of romance tropes on Desert Island Keepers
How NOT to Write a Sex Scene – A parody post where S.L. Armstrong tells you exactly what makes a ‘good’ (read: bad) sex scene at Three Wicked Writers Plus Two
Tab A Does Not Have To Go Into Slot B – K. Piet talks about formulaic sex scenes over on the GLBT Promo Blog

Also, remember that our Swag Bag Giveaway is still open, as well as our International Giveaway for non-USA readers. This is your last chance to enter, so follow the links and comment on your location-appropriate post so you can be entered to win all the amazing prizes from Storm Moon Press! The swag bag includes print copies of these books, so you don’t want to miss it…

Side note? We just got the posters in for the giveaways, and oh boy are they nice! If you’re fond of the Weight of a Gun cover art, you really need to enter those giveaways for your chance to get one along with your book(s)! If you don’t get lucky with the giveaway, also keep in mind that if you pre-order a print or bundle of Weight of a Gun, you get a poster with your order. Take advantage of the 20% off while it’s still up for pre-sales!

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