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Free Fiction Friday: Another Advent Teaser!

November 18, 2011

It’s Friday again! That means another advent teaser to hold you over until the official advent starts on November 28th. ^_^ This snippet is taken from a piece starring the characters of Morningstar (Lucifer) and his angelic companion, Radueriel. S.L. Armstrong wrote their original story, Morningstar, and let me play a bit in her world with her for this advent piece. I’ve always enjoyed the story she created with the two angels, and setting them in modern earth after Morningstar’s exile from heaven was a lot of fun. She might eventually revisit the characters to tell a bit more about Radueriel’s adjustment to life on earth after being part of the heavenly host, so feel free to flood her blog with requests for that if you want to see it in the future! Enjoy!

Radueriel smiled brightly. “It is just missing one thing.” He reluctantly slipped from Morningstar’s arms and fetched the topper. Unsteadily, he climbed the little step ladder and set the white-clad angel atop the tree, plugging it into the upper strand of lights. Immediately, the fiber optic wings lit up, and the candle the angel held glowed. He stepped down and stared up at it. “Now it is stunning.”

“You bought an angel?” Morningstar chuckled. “That is… so perfectly you, love.”

Radueriel turned to face Morningstar. “And is being perfectly me good enough?” he asked, a moment of uncertainty filling him. “Do I not bore you with my silliness?”

“Oh, Radueriel,” Morningstar murmured, tenderly running his fingers through Radueriel’s long, dark hair. “You never bore me. Through you, I’m able to experience all the things that are worth celebrating. You bring light back to the things that had lost their sparkle to me.”

Radueriel blushed and smiled, playing with a golden lock of Morningstar’s hair. “I know you are world weary, that life with Him has left you just as jaded as being parted from Him. I just think there are so many beautiful things in this world. Do you not think they deserve to be celebrated?”

“I’d celebrate anything with you,” Morningstar purred, kissing him sweetly.

“Even tinsel?”

Morningstar laughed. “Even tinsel.”

Radueriel ran his hands up Morningstar’s chest. “Could we celebrate the tinsel and the lights and our joys? Here? Under the tree?”

“Are you asking me to make love with you?”

Radueriel blushed. “Yes.”

Morningstar cupped his face and drew him into a deep, sweet kiss. Radueriel’s heart began to pound, and blood pooled low in his body. Arousal—even after all this time—was something that still fascinated Radueriel. No longer being an angelic body, the arousal was hotter, heavier, so much more potent than what he’d felt in Heaven all those long years ago with Morningstar. By the time Morningstar broke the kiss, Radueriel was swaying on his feet, flesh warm and hard, his breath short.

“Let me fetch the lube,” Morningstar moaned as Radueriel leaned in and kissed, nipped at his throat. “Radueriel, I can’t get the lube if you’re doing that.”

“Mmm,” Radueriel whimpered, the sound soft and high. “All right.” Morningstar never wanted to hurt him, and he insisted the lubrication was always—always—necessary. “I will wait for you here.”

Morningstar pulled away, and Radueriel watched until he disappeared into their bedroom. He worked quickly, removing his layers of clothing and tossing them over the back of their sofa. He moaned softly as his hard flesh was exposed, and he stretched himself out on the floor beneath the tree, smiling up at the lights and ornaments. Manny darted past, playing with a stray piece of tinsel stolen from one of the lowest boughs of the tree. He laughed. It seemed Morningstar was right about Manny playing despite his age, but it just made him smile, and that’s exactly how Morningstar found him when he returned from the bedroom.

Morningstar stopped short and stared at him so long that Radueriel felt a flush creep over his cheeks and down his neck to his chest. “Is something wrong?”

“No.” Morningstar’s voice was rough, a little gravelly, and Radueriel was about to frown with concern when Morningstar rounded the sofa. The large bulge in Morningstar’s jeans gave away his arousal. “You’re just… stunning.”

“Like the tree?” Radueriel asked happily, reaching out in invitation.

Morningstar took his hand and sank down to the carpet. “Even more so than the tree.”

Radueriel held out his hand. “Will you make love with me now?”

“All night,” Morningstar breathed as he knelt between Radueriel’s spread thighs. “Forever.”

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