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Picture Post: I Wish I Were In Kyoto

February 15, 2012

Today’s picture post is one of longing… and no, it doesn’t involve anyone naked (no NSFW rating this time, but you can check back next Wednesday ^_-). Today, I’m thinking about Japan. My fascination with Japan started quite young. In fact, I think it just might be genetic. My mother has been dreaming of visiting Japan her entire life. Fortunately for her, she’ll be taking that vacation of a lifetime this coming April. I’m super excited for her and my dad, since it’s the first time they’ve gone on a large vacation together since… well… probably before they had me and my sister so long ago. XD

I wish I could join them, but finances are definitely not in a place to support a three or four week long, trans-pacific vacation to the other side of the world. I also wouldn’t want to spoil my parents’ fun. I’d probably want to see a bunch of different places they have little interest in. They’ll be going during the cherry blossom season, though, so my big hope is that they’ll bring back a gargantuan amount of pictures for me to wade through and enjoy. One of the places I would love to go is Kyoto. The pictures I see of the city and surrounding landscapes and temples during the autumn are just stunning. I’m a big fan of autumn foliage and bright colors in general, and to see the colors change in Kyoto would just be a dream come true for me.

One of these days, I’ll include my love of Japanese culture and aesthetic in one of the stories I write. Sometime in the future, one of the books in the Other Side of Night series will star three characters (at least one of whom is a vampire) who are all Japanese. I look forward to writing that story, though the to-write pile of ideas just keeps stacking higher and higher. XD

Click to enjoy these pictures with me today, and just breathe in the beauty. ^_^

Garden Staircase – Kyoto, Japan Autumn Colors in Kyoto, Japan Kiyomize-dera – Kyoto, Japan

Do you have a place somewhere in the world which you’ve always wanted to visit but haven’t yet? Where would you like to go? Share a picture or tell us a little about it!

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