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April-May Summary + Cover Art + “Mae” Novel Completed!

June 7, 2012

Hey there, everyone! The blog has been dead yet again, and I have no good excuses. My co-author, Saundra (aka S.L. Armstrong) would like to repeatedly bash my head against the laptop for neglecting my blog so much. I’m sorry! Here’s an update on a few of the high points the last few months!


In April, Saundra and I finally buckled down and wrote our submissions for the Love is Always Write event on the M/M Romance group in Goodreads. We had originally chosen two pictures with different prompts and planned to write our stories separately, but–as is often the case with us–we brainstormed together and ended up co-authoring both of them as a pair. XD An Angel’s Soul is a contemporary paranormal story surrounding the love a guardian angel has for his charge, even though his charge is on a dangerous, downward spiral. At the other end of the spectrum, Jungle Law is told from the perspective of a leopard spirit who can take human form. He protects the jungle cats in his territory from poachers, but when a foreign youth escapes one of his attacks on poachers, he is compelled to nurse the boy back to health and grows fond of him, despite the language barrier. In addition to the Love is Always Write event, we’ll be making the free short stories available through Storm Moon Press… with proper cover art! (You can also find the LiAW shorts from Cari Z and Heidi Belleau & Violetta Vane through SMP. We treat our authors right! ^_-)

Storm Moon Press’ website also got a facelift at the end of April. We have some amazing new features like a secure server + shopping cart along with a new reader rewards program which lets you earn points with every purchase and redeem those points for more books! For more info on all the new perks at SMP, Read This Blog Post. You can see the new look on the Official Storm Moon Press Website!


May was a new adventure for us at Storm Moon Press, as the three of us founders all headed to Atlanta, Georgia, for the wonderful OutlantaCon! For the occasion, we dyed our hair crazy colors, which was a HUGE amount of fun. I did my hair sort of like a rainbow, I did foils with Saundra’s hair to make her a cool-toned multi-colored hair design, and we dyed Roger’s tips bright blue. 😀 We will definitely be doing the hair dying for conventions as often as possible, as it was one of the most fun aspects of preparing, and definitely made us stand out.

We met a lot of great people at the convention, and we’re definitely excited to attend again next year. I’ll actually be one of the special guests, representing Storm Moon Press there next year. I’m hoping to be very involved in panels. If they allow me to, I’d love to even host a two-session workshop for those interested in publishing GLBT fiction. It’s going to be a really awesome time next year, so expect me in Atlanta, GA, in May of next year!


So far this month, we have a couple great things to announce. First of all, three of the short stories originally published for the Cast the Cards anthology have been given updated cover art. This means that my M/M BDSM short story, Surrender, modeled after facets of The Tower card in the tarot, now has new cover art! It’s shiny and awesome!

Secondly, just last night, Saundra and I finished the first draft of our novel, Mae, which follows the story of a seventeen-year-old boy named Zach who is both gay and a single father. Amidst the struggles of raising his daughter, Mae, and going to school, he tries to develop a romance with Wil, the boy of his dreams. It’s a really sweet contemporary story filled with fluff and shiny, happy people holding hands at the end. It’s now off to our beta readers, who will do the first pass of simple edits, and then we’ll get to the more formal editing once we’ve refined the story a bit more. This is super exciting, since Saundra and I haven’t written anything more than short stories since we finished Other Side of Night way back about this time last year.

Our next project is a short story called On the Edge, which will be part of the Fraternal Devotion anthology through Storm Moon Press. This anthology has the theme of brother-incest, and our story will revolve around a pair of fraternal twins. We already have some inspiring music to go with the story, and it’s going to be awesome! 😀

Next week, I’ll be taking a trip out to California and Arizona to see family, but I’m also mixing business with pleasure in that I’ll be attending Pride in the Pines in Flagstaff, Arizona. This is my hometown, so my attendance is actually going to be quite casual. I don’t have an official table, but you might see me out there drawing attention to myself with hula hoops and LOTS of paper promo. If you’re close to Flagstaff (which is northern Arizona in a pine forest at high altitude -> gorgeous in the summer), definitely let me know, and I’ll try to coordinate to meet up!

I hope everyone is doing well! Thanks for sticking with me through this gargantuan update! I hope to be a bit better about my blogging soon. I have several posts I’d love to write. I just always let other things take priority, so the topics sit on my to-do list for ages, never getting written! There are a lot of posts about promotion and marketing, though, so I hope everyone will enjoy those when I get the chance to write them up!

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