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Download “Jungle Law” For Free!

June 18, 2012

This was the free short story S.L. Armstrong and I wrote for the M/M Romance Goodreads Group’s Love is Always Write event. It’s one of two. This is our shifter one that takes place in the dense rainforest between India and China. It’s different, and we love being different. I hope you all enjoy it!

There is a rainforest in India that the wise poachers avoid. Few who venture in ever return, and those that do rarely come back all the way. The leopards in this forest have a protector who walks the worlds between leopard and man, but who calls the leopard kin and the human only enemy. When a frightened boy escapes from the latest hunting party to feel the protector’s wrath, he tracks the boy down, determined to leave no survivors. But when he comes fact-to-face with the exotic, defenseless boy, he cannot bring himself to end that life. Instead, what he has reviled for years becomes his constant companion. That is, until the humans dare to set foot in his forest once more.

You can download it at any of the following retailers (though I suggest SMP ^_-):

Storm Moon Press | Rainbow eBooks | All Romance eBooks | BookStrand | 1PlaceforRomance | Smashwords

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