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Friday Check-In: Debbie, Stomach Flu, and Marketing!

June 29, 2012

Welcome to the Friday Check-In… because if I view it as a medical appointment, perhaps I’ll actually keep it up rather than leaving you all in the dark half the time? Here goes!

So, the last couple weeks have been hard on us here at Storm Moon Press. ‘Why’ you ask? Well, we had a lovely visit of the stomach flu in the household, which took Saundra first, and then Roger. I have narrowly escaped, or so it stands right now. *crosses fingers* Thank goodness I have a great immune system. Add to that the craziness that was Tropical Storm Debbie, and things have been a bit overwhelming here! Now, I’ve never lived in a place like Florida before, so this whole hurricane season thing is pretty new to me. I was around for the latter half of it last year, but I didn’t really notice it because I didn’t have a day-job at the time. Now that I do? Yeah. Driving in the pouring rain and worrying about flooding at my workplace AND at my apartment complex is… a unique experience. XD

Saundra and I are plugging away at our Fraternal Devotion short story, “On the Edge”. It’s coming along nicely. It’s in my hands right now, and after I read what Saundra has added, I have those moments of, ‘Damn. How am I ever supposed to top something that good?’, so I think that’s a good sign. ^_- This anthology is one I really hope does well. The incest (bro-cest specifically) theme isn’t one that sits well with a lot of people, and I totally understand that, but the fantasy of it is one that I’ve been a fan of for a long time (and no, not because of the Weasley twins or the twins in Tokio Hotel). In “On the Edge”, Saundra and I have built the story around a pair of fraternal twins, one having the light hair and eyes, the other with darker hair. It’s a sort of chiaroscuro theme that carries through the piece, and there’s a lot of musical influence behind it as well. I’ll have to share that in another blog post once we’ve finished it and put out teasers.

Other than that, there isn’t too much to report. I’ve been hard at work getting a BUNCH of review requests out. We’ve had several free reads that I’ve sent out. Even if they’re free, I’m a firm believer that reviews can’t hurt. These are stories that we want people to enjoy so they’ll think about reading other works by the authors, so the more reviews and interest we can get to those, we’re hoping the better their sales will do. Ah, marketing. The marketing never ends. In addition to the free reads, we’re getting the Weight of a Gun short stories out there as single releases now, which means they also get sent to reviewers, so my life has been busy busy busy.

Lastly, we’ve recently changed our game plan a little with regards to Authors After Dark. While we had originally planned on having all three of us higher-ups at Storm Moon Press attending along with one of our editors, the plans have altered so it’ll just be me there in New Orleans with our editor. We’ll still be holding our contract pitching sessions, most likely with Roger set up on my laptop to be there remotely. ^_^ It’s still going to be an interesting convention, and even though there isn’t a dealer’s space like most events, I’ll be around for anyone wanting to learn more about Storm Moon Press. Definitely don’t be afraid to chat me up, if you’re attending!

That’s all I have for you guys today. Nothing super exciting, other than the tropical storm and tornado warnings. Yay?

Bayshore Blvd, Tampa - June 25, 2012

On that note, have a safe week, everyone!

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