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Update: In Short, I’m a Workaholic

July 14, 2012

It’s a day later than I’d hoped, yes, but here’s what I’ve been up to! Long story short, I’ve been a workaholic for the press. What I’ve been up to can be put into a pretty short list!

  1. Blog Tours — This is one of my primary jobs for the second half of this year. When SMP authors have releases coming out, you bet I’m working hard booking them on blog tours. Typically, it means contacting the host blogs, finding ones that work with our schedule, and then working with the author to make sure they do guest posts appropriate to each of the host blogs. Once the blogs are complete, I do a quick proofreading (I don’t catch everything, but I try for the basics!), format them correctly, and then send them to the host blogs. There’s always a double-checking with the hosts to make sure we’re good to go, but there you have it! I’ve been working on the two main blog tours we have this month (for Honor Among Thieves and Aliens, Smith and Jones), but I’m also prepping for next month, which contains FOUR blog tours. XD
  2. Proofreading — This task has fallen to me. It’s relatively new, but I’m really enjoying it. It means I read through stories that have already been edited and pick out any obvious mistakes. Now, I occasionally have questions, but luckily for me, I have two VERY experienced editors as room-mates, and I’m not afraid to look things up online as well. The plus side is that I’m getting to fully read each story, which sometimes doesn’t happen until months after a book’s release. The down side is that I’m a terribly slow reader… though this feeds into the plus side, since going so slowly usually means I’m very thorough. I’m knee deep in short stories at the moment, which I love because they don’t take me TOO terribly long to get through. I’m telling you, when short stories are done well, they’re really fantastic!
  3. Sending Review Requests — Another very busy part of my schedule recently, sending out review copies to reviewers is one of the things I do for every single release. I have an ongoing list of reviewers I send requests to, and those who are interested e-mail back to receive their review copies of our titles. With the re-releases of the short stories from our Weight of a Gun anthology, there have been a lot of extra review requests to send, along with the illustrated version of The Fifth Son and the restructuring that happened to separate the free content of my Advent: Collected Shorts from the exclusive 17 short stories that are now Love and Agony. Plus our new releases. Yeah. SO BUSY!

Apart from those three main things, it’s just been little tasks back and forth as well as holding down my day job. If you see me at odd hours? Chances are I’m not drunk or out on a hot date; I’m working. Probably more than I should be. XD All part of having a small business! A lot goes on behind the scenes! I just hope the books are successful. That’s my payoff. I want the readers to enjoy what’s put out there from the press, and I want the authors we work with to have the best experience possible. When I keep those ideals in mind, it definitely helps to renew my focus and get the work done.

So, that’s what I’ve been up to! Anyone have anything special going on that they’d love to share? Leave me a comment!

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  1. blainedarden permalink
    July 14, 2012 9:15 am

    LOL, Ive been busy writing blog tour posts. I enjoyed it, but it’s a bit scary, too, finding the right subject and trying not to sound like a rambling nitwit 🙂

    and in between I’ve been trying to write as well 😉

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