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Another Teaser for “52 Weeks”

July 16, 2012

Still working on this one! 😀 But, here’s another glimpse at Aspen and Rhys.

Aspen swallowed thickly, fighting not to shiver at the timbre of Rhys’ voice, that seductively authoritative tone of his doing nothing but coaxing him into a raging hard-on. “Yes, sir,” he said with a small smirk, quickly finishing with the buttons of Rhys’ dress shirt. It was only when he pulled Rhys’ undershirt up over Rhys’ head that he was reminded of his own nudity and arousal. Seeing Rhys’ bare skin made him blush, and the hotter his skin got, the colder it felt in the office.

He stared down the line of Rhys’ body, fighting to regain that distance he’d felt just a few moments ago. When he reached for Rhys’ belt, his hands were promptly tapped away. He raised an eyebrow at Rhys.

“Kneel and lace your fingers behind your back. Undress the rest of me with your lips and teeth.”

The order was like a splash of cold water, and he felt indignation burn in his throat. “With my mouth? Seriously?” Rhys didn’t look like he was about to repeat himself, though, and something told Aspen that if Rhys had to order him again, he’d experience those consequences whether he liked it or not. He glared at Rhys as he knelt. Just looking up at Rhys from that angle made him feel small and powerless. He didn’t much like that feeling, no matter how much his cock begged to differ.

He let out a slow breath to steady himself before reaching back. Lacing his fingers was easy enough, but it made his chest stick out and displayed his erection like he was some sort of plaything. Humiliation swept through him before he could even lean forward to begin. He tried for the belt first, the smooth leather tang of it strangely erotic against his lips and teeth as he attempted to work the tail of the belt backwards through the loops. The damn thing was nearly impossible to move. The moment he managed a fair grip with his teeth, he would get to a belt loop and lose it.

He could feel the press of Rhys’ erection against his throat from time to time, and it just made his embarrassment complete as he struggled to get Rhys’ belt off. He growled his frustration when he had to pull back to keep from drooling down the front of Rhys’ pants. He wanted to curse, wanted to unlace his fingers and tug the damn thing free the easy way. So, why didn’t he just do that?

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