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Friday Check-In: “On the Edge” + WIPS

August 3, 2012

Hello again, everyone! It’s time for another Friday Check-In! The last few weeks have been super busy (when are they not? XD), so I’ll do my best to fill you all in!


Blog Tours:

As expected, my duties as marketing director for Storm Moon Press have been on the rise as we acquire more works and get ready for the VERY busy month of August. Not only do we have a release every Friday in August, but I’ll also be attending Authors After Dark in New Orleans, Louisiana. With all those releases, there will be blog tours galore, so I’ve been hard at work coordinating everything with authors and editors to make sure we get some great blog posts out there for readers to enjoy in celebration of each release!


S.L. Armstrong (Saundra) and I have been hard at work on our short story “On the Edge”, which will be published as part of the Fraternal Devotion anthology. It’s an anthology showcasing stories surrounding incest between brothers. Now, I realize this theme certainly won’t fly with a lot of people, but I’ll admit my own love of bro-cest and twin-cest fiction. It’s a love that started early in the Lord of the Rings fandom when I was reading fanfiction back in high school. You’ll see twins (and even triplets) in other pieces Saundra and I write, but in the case of “On the Edge”, we’ve written fraternal twins… meaning, non-identical twins. We had a lot of fun playing with having twin characters who are polar opposites both in personality and in appearance, one being golden-haired, the other being dark-haired.

We’ve also had a lot of inspiration with “On the Edge”, which got its entire start from the songs “Runnin'” and “Better Than I Know Myself”, both by Adam Lambert. (Click the links to listen and/or watch the music videos. ^_-) I’ll admit, I’ve been on an Adam Lambert spree ever since his most recent Tresspassing album came out. There are really some amazing songs on it, so I’d recommend it to anyone who loves pop and/or dance music. If you’re looking for where we got our idea for “On the Edge”, though, then look no further. It was definitely Adam Lambert’s music. I really hope everyone enjoys this anthology when it releases on August 17th!

Upcoming Works:

Saundra and I are also working on a few new projects… along with a few of our ongoing projects. We’re going to be writing a short story for Written in Flesh, the tattoo-kink anthology we have coming up soon. Our idea right now can be simplified (or perhaps over-simplified XD) down to ‘whores in space’. We have an outline ready for the story, but we’re not sure if we’ll blow it out to be a novella, in which case, we’ll come up with another idea for the Written in Flesh anthology. Either way, definitely stay tuned for that in the upcoming month or so. ^_-

We’re also still working on 52 Weeks, which is just going to be an awesome exploration of gender and sexual identity and expression. We’re really looking forward to that one! In addition to that, we do have Stalemate the first book of the Pawns trilogy on our WIP list. That novel will be very unique as well, since we jump to many different characters’ perspectives to tell the entire story.

Our novel “Mae” has been renamed Making Ends Meet, too. It’s currently on the second editing pass, so we’re moving right along on that book as well. We’re so excited about it, since it will be illustrated! Stay tuned in the upcoming months for more!

New Freebie:

Saundra and I did a free short for Darien over at Pants Off Reviews. The concept was from the improv game ‘Whose Line’, where random lines of dialogue are provided by the audience and sneaked into the scene. In this case, our lines were provided by the blog’s readers, and we wrote our scene based on their dialogue and with Darien’s requested theme of ‘office romance between two who have been eyeing one another for a while’. XD It was a lot of fun to write, and I’ll be posting that up very soon on this blog, so just in case you missed it on Pants Off, you’ll get it here for free as well.


That just about brings us up to date! I hope to have a couple blog posts the next couple weeks as well. I’ve finally defeated most of my to-do list other than all the blog tours I have coming up for the press, so I’m hoping to devote a little more time to getting my blog posts finished and posted for you guys! Bear with me, and have a great weekend!

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