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Friday Check-In: 3 days late… AAD’s Fault

August 13, 2012

This past week has been a crazy one! It’s list time to keep things organized!

  1. Release Day — Friday marked the release day of Storm Moon Press’ tentacles anthology, All Wrapped Up! This anthology stars the talented Gryvon along with first-time authors Morgan Harcourt, Laylah Hunter, and Thea Hayworth. The stories range between the science fiction and fantasy genres, and (perhaps surprisingly to most?) are all consensual when it comes to the erotic content involving tentacles. 😀 One story does get dark and involve dub-con, but that scene isn’t between the main characters striking up a romance. If all this sounds like your cup of tea, then definitely head over to SMP and get yourself a copy of All Wrapped Up!
  2. Blog Tours — As always, I’m busy with blog tours. We finished up the blog tour this past week for Avery Vanderlyle’s new release, Thicker Than Blood. It’s a bisexual post-apocalyptic short story. Yeah. Awesome. 😀 This coming week will be Elizabeth Hyder’s turn, as she’s the editor for All Wrapped Up. Keep an eye on the Storm Moon Press Twitter, Facebook, or Goodreads Group to stay abreast on the blog tour stops.
  3. WIPS — Saundra has been hard at work when it comes to the dev edits for our novel, Making Ends Meet. I helped a little with rewriting, but the bulk of the credit definitely goes to Saundra for working through the edits. She deserves a HUGE round of applause! \o/ We’re also going to start back in on our 52 Weeks novel soon, which I’m really excited about. In addition to that, we have a science fiction (our first!) piece we’ll be working on. I’m not sure if it’ll be a novella on its own or will be included in the Written in Flesh anthology, but we jokingly call it our ‘tattooed whores in space’ story, so that will likely get a bit of our attention the next few weeks as well. XD
  4. Authors After Dark 2012 — The last few days have been spent at Authors After Dark in New Orleans. On the downside, the con definitely suffered a bit from lack of sound organization, but even with those problems, it managed to be a very engaging and beneficial event for me to attend with Elizabeth Hyder. I think the both of us managed to have fun while networking like crazy. XD I have a huge list of bloggers I can now contact regarding reviews, and I left the convention knowing a few established and a few new or yet-to-be-published authors. Most exciting of all? I managed to speak to three authors who were interested in submitting stories to us, both GLBT and hetero romances! Looks like our Wild Moon imprint may be getting some books in the works soon! I sure hope so! I’m pretty sure we’ll be attending next year, and I did speak to the convention’s organizer to ensure that some of the issues (such as SMP not having a vending table the entire con) won’t be repeated in 2013. We’re hoping it’ll be a great event to attend next year in Savannah!
  5. Upcoming Conventions — Looking ahead, I have GayRomLit coming up in October (in Albuquerque, NM), and then NecronomiCon down in St. Petersburg, FL. I’ve been in touch with the one in charge of scheduling for Necro, and boy oh boy, we’re going to have a great time there! Not only will we have the opportunity to represent small press publishing, but our suggestions for GLBT and QUILTBAG panels have been met with nothing but enthusiasm! You can bet we’re doing everything we can to get the word out about the great stories to be found when QUILTBAG meets sci-fi, fantasy, and horror!

Whew! And there will only be more to come these next few weeks, as I’m organizing MORE blog tours and getting in touch with all the people I met at Authors After Dark in New Orleans. I hope everyone had a great time! It was awesome to meet so many of you!

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