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Friday Check-In: Fraternal Devotion + Giveaway!

August 24, 2012

Hello again, everyone!

It’s the tail end of Friday, but I still wanted to post up a check-in for the week, since last week was a little crazy! We’ve had a couple awesome anthologies release the last couple weeks!

All Wrapped Up is our gay tentaclerotica anthology. ^_- It’s been a bit of a trial by fire, but I think the stories inside are pretty awesome.

The Brush Whistler’s Song is a new gay fantasy novella by the awesome Augusta Li. I met Gus at Authors After Dark, and let me tell you. Gus is one cool cat. Really chill. Took the pressure of the panels and convention in general like a total pro. ^_^ I did one of the proofreading runs on this novella, and it’s wonderfully written and has all the classic imagery of a great fantasy story. Of course, I’m also a fan of people from repressed societies learning to open up and experience pleasure and vice, so that was definitely a theme I loved in it as well. Check it out! It’s only $2.99 for the e-book!

Fraternal Devotion is the first of our anthologies that I’ve had sole say on when it comes to acquisitions. Seeing my name on the cover as an editor is… both terrifying and pride-inducing. XD My faves during acquisition were “War and Peace and Brotherhood” as well as “On Clouds of Obsession”, but I’ve seen a couple reviews so far that have really praised the other stories as well. Yay! 😀 The story I’ve written in there is “On the Edge” (co-authored, as usual, with S.L. Armstrong).

There’s a giveaway for the anthology running right on through until Wednesday, August 29th. You can find it attached to the guest blog post I wrote up for The Armchair Reader during the blog tour. Read the post, and then comment to be entered to win an e-book of the anthology! If you love bro-cest (and twincest in the case of my story ^_-), then this is a great opportunity to try to get it free! Otherwise, it’s $6.99 on the SMP website.

Here’s a final teaser for “On the Edge”. The story surrounds fraternal twins, Andrew and Ben, as they struggle to come to terms with their relationship, which has continued on and off sexually since they were 14. The story is angsty and definitely attempts to mix a bit of realism with the fantasy of twins being intimate. Have a great weekend, everyone! 😀

Andrew couldn’t sleep. He never slept well after a fight with Ben. A few shots of vodka hadn’t calmed him down or made sleep easier. One look at his small heroin kit had been enough for him to stash it back in the closet with an angry shove. Sure, the heroin would take him away from all this bullshit, but wasn’t that the very thing Ben hated about him? Ben hated the drugs, hated that he spent most of their extra cash to buy them for their weekends, when he could cut loose and fly high enough to fuck Ben without thinking. It wasn’t Ben’s fault he had hang-ups, but dammit, how could Ben blame him? They were brothers—twins—and there wasn’t exactly any way of getting around that.

Fuck trying to sleep. He wouldn’t fall back into the musical dreams of his subconscious at this rate. He pulled on a pair of boxers and stalked out into the living room. He left the lights off. Emo? Yeah, but he didn’t give a fuck. If he was going to ride out the rest of the night in a bad mood, he was going to make the best of it. Or, at the very least, make the worst of it work for him. If Ben made it so the music wouldn’t come back to him, then he’d find the tunes on his own, the hard way. It only took a minute to set up his keyboard and pull out his blank pads of lined music paper. He lit a single candle to see by, setting it in a glass holder so it wouldn’t bleed all over his keyboard.

The electric hum of his keyboard was usually a soothing thing, but tonight, it just felt like that palpable charge in the air before a fight. That’s what this was, wasn’t it? A fight over what he could and couldn’t do. What he could and couldn’t handle. Who was Ben to dictate what he was supposed to do and where their relationship was supposed to go? Who decided Ben’s pace was the end all, be all? No one, he told himself, but his inner voice wasn’t kind and added, but he deserves better than the shitty treatment he gets from you.

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