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I Love ‘Em Green + @Epiphora Giveaway

August 29, 2012

I’ll admit it, right here in front of everyone. I love the color green. I have for a very long time. I went through a transition when I was a little, pink-loving kid, and my new color of choice was green. And I don’t just think it was because my favorite Sailor Scout was Sailor Jupiter (who was a tomboyish figure skater who chased after boys but never got them and am I drawing too many similarities yeah probably nevermind bye).

In any case, I love green for several reasons. Let me share some of them, just for fun! With pictures, too, because it’s been too long since I posted up a bunch of pictures. (And lookie! I coded a table all on my own! My HTML is improving little by little!) There’s a giveaway below, too, so stay tuned for that part, which ties into it being both hump day and it being August (which is the month of the peridot birthstone; more green, of course)!

Stock image of leaves backlit by the sun
  • Green reminds me of growing things. Growing things remind me of beauty and hope. Even ‘green’ as a word is close to the Old English growan, ‘to grow’. Method to the madness!
  • I love the look of green leaves backlit by the sun so you can see all the little patterns and textures.
  • It’s a versatile descriptor. Green with envy. Green around the gills. Green as inexperienced or fresh. I’ve also heard green used to describe both tastes and scents. As an author, versatility is awesome!
The flag for genderqueer pride
  • It’s part of the genderqueer flag. As the inverse of lavender (mixture of the blue/pink binary), it represents being outside the gender binary. Me likey.
  • Anyone notice it’s right in the middle of the Roy G. Biv rainbow they taught us all in grade school? I like being in the middle.
  • It’s the rarest eye color out there and always reminds me of my Irish/Celtic roots. Ah, the Emerald Isle! (Even if the highest prevalence of the eye color is in Iceland, nowadays. :/ )
Super Sailor Jupiter - from Naoko Takeuchi's Sailor Moon
  • Did I mention Sailor Jupiter? And JunJun, the acrobat? Remember how I love the circus? Yeah.
  • Since we’re on an anime kick there, how about the pretty eyes of Hisoka in Yami no Matsuei? Counts as a reason!
  • Green is the color also given to the Heart Chakra, which ties into the energy work side of my massage therapy. I’m very east-meets-west with my approach, so work that comes from the heart is never a bad thing.
Collection of high intensity green glowsticks
  • I once read the entire platform of the Green Party. Liked a lot of what I saw, even if I know a lot of it is wishful thinking at this point.
  • Fluorescent green glowsticks tend to shine the brightest, which is always handy.
  • Anyone heard the urban legend that eating a ton of green M&Ms has an aphrodisiac effect? Hey, maybe it’s worth a try. Green and chocolate, FTW!
Picture of a tree frog on a leaf
  • I always wanted to own a pet tree frog. (Pretty!) Probably not smart, since I think the cats in my apartment would find a way to make it a snack.
  • Did someone say CAMOUFLAGE? >.> <.< Maybe it was just me.
  • Lastly, it’s just one of the colors that puts a smile on my face. The glasses I wear right now are green. I actually chose the color because I knew seeing myself in the mirror with the glasses on would get me to smile instead of focusing on the imperfections of that reflection.

Now that you’ve heard all of my silly reasons for loving the color green, it’s time to promote a giveaway that’s going on over at Hey Epiphora. Now, this isn’t quite on the insane level of awesomeness that was her green sextoy giveaway, but it comes a close second for me, since this time, she’s offering the winner’s choice of a neon or tie-dye VixSkin dildo. For those who love this sort of thing, head on over to this fantastic blog post and use the Rafflecopter giveaway thingy to enter up to 20 times. If you win, you get your choice of the neon pink, tie-dye, or neon green in addition to getting to choose the kind of dildo (Maverick or Mustang). As usual for Epiphora, you have to be over 18 and inside the U.S. to win (sorry to my international followers!). You can probably guess which color I would choose if I were to win. ^_-

Picture of three neon dildos

Unorthodox giveaway for me on this blog? Yes. Yes, it is. But I thought it was the perfect opportunity to share the love of green things! And this is the blog of an erotic romance writer, so come on, you know I’ve posted racier, NSFW stuff in the past.

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their hump day and has a great conclusion to August!

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