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Please HELP if you can! @KSCharms

June 21, 2013

So, I’ve been meaning to do more blogging lately. I’ve had a half-formulated blog post along the lines of “It’s okay to be straight” that I’ve wanted to get up here after my last post about Trans* Erasure and Gaywashing. Unfortunately, though, things just keep getting in the way, and this last week has been the ringer that has sent all of us sort of sprawling at Storm Moon Press.

What’s happened is basically that the apartment complex I currently live in along with my co-owners of Storm Moon Press, S.L. Armstrong and her husband, has “learned” that we have cats and demanded that we get rid of them or get out. We have nine cats, all adults, all fixed, all well-behaved and well cared for. I put “learned” in quotes because various people already knew of the cats, but they’re only now pitching a fit after we’ve lived here rather peacefully for three years.

This means we have to up and move very suddenly. It’s something we weren’t expecting and something we couldn’t have possibly anticipated financially, and it’s put us in a really rough spot. Under the short notice (having to get out in a week), we wouldn’t be able to find new homes for our cats and stand a chance for them being well-adjusted, so we’ve had to take Plan B. We’ve found a new place to live that will be a better situation for us in the long-term, but actually making the move takes money we don’t really have to spare.

So… as much as I hate doing anything like this, I’m posting up here today to ask anyone who sees this for help.

Saundra and I just opened up an Etsy shop — KS Charms — I’d planned to announce here under better circumstances. We make jewelry and have a ton of pendants along with some bracelets and the like that we’d love to sell. I’d love if everyone would take a look and spread the word. Any little bit helps, and if you don’t see something you like but think we could do something custom for you, please don’t hesitate to message us. Everything that’s up there in the shop is already made and ready to ship, so you’d get it quickly, too, if you’re buying for any Pride event this month. 🙂

If you’d prefer to help another way, though, you can always simply donate what funds you’re comfortable donating via Paypal. I’ll be getting another job closer to our new place. It just takes time to get a first paycheck, y’know? Time that we don’t have when our move has to occur in a week. o.o Anything you can send our way to help with our move will be so greatly appreciated!

PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!

Help us move!

Once things settle a little, I’ll be doing more blogging. I do have that blog post sitting on my computer, just waiting to be completed, but it’ll be a challenge to bounce back after the move once I’m job-hunting again. XD I hope everyone takes a look at our Etsy shop. Even if you only have a couple bucks to spare and donate directly before broadcasting the site to others, that’s such a huge help. We just don’t want to have to get rid of any of the cats. They might technically all belong to Saundra and her husband, but they’ve become like family to me as I’ve lived here the last two years, and I’d hate to see them taken from such a loving home when help from a few friends would keep them with us. 🙂

Thank you, everyone, and I hope you enjoy the Etsy shop and will tell everyone you know so we can possibly supplement our funds for the move as quickly as possible! ❤

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