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Update – Moving Right Along

September 5, 2013

I’ve been wound so very tight and working so hard that I barely even noticed how much time had passed since I last updated the blog. So, here are some high points!

Still Selling KS Charms on Etsy

Yup. Saundra and I are still selling our Etsy products, which means there are lots of shiny pendants looking to make lovely gifts! Give them happy homes. Take a look at our Etsy shop, KS Charms! We just sold a pansexual pride flag pendant today, so if you’re looking for QUILTBAG Pride jewelry, you’ll probably love our store! We can’t help but have pride for all parts of the QUILTBAG. 😀 Here’s a sneak peek:

Got a new massage job!

Since the last post, I’ve landed a job at a day spa in Brandon, which his just east of Tampa. ^_- The spa is really chill and has a great atmosphere along with being well-established. The ReLeaf Day Spa has been around for 19 years, which is a good while for a spa. The owner/my boss is great to work with, and while work is a bit unreliable at the moment (it’s a slow season for massage therapy), I’m hoping work will pick up as we get closer to the holidays. I’m paid well when I do work, but I’m sort of on-call 24/7, which is different for me. Gives me a bit of freedom in some ways but means I have to be prepared to drop everything to head in for work whenever my cell phone rings. I honestly don’t know how doctors and the like do this long-term! XD But yay for having a job!

Writing & Publishing – Slow but Steady

Saundra and I have taken steps to slow down a bit so we can concentrate on our writing again. Originally, we’d planned to take the entirety of July off to do nothing but write. Hah! That SO did not happen. With our sudden move and getting Storm Moon Press all caught up in several respects, it’s been an ongoing job, for sure. What we’ve ended up doing, though, is closing down general submissions, which we think will help us control the growth of the press at a more reasonable rate. With the sudden popularity of our anthologies (Thank you so much to everyone who has been submitting! We’ve been thrilled by all the interest and hope we continue to impress!), we’ve had a bit more activity at the press than our staff can handle, so it’s time to slow down a bit and get into a good groove so the balance between editing, publishing, and writing can improve. ‘Cause let’s be honest, the writing portion of that triangle has been so small lately that the triangle might as well just be a straight line. Getting to geometric for you? Sorry! I blame TV. ^_-

Saundra and I are busy today working out the last bit of our serial, Immortal Symphony: Overture. We’re trading off the final episode as well as the bonus short story we’re offering exclusively to Season Pass holders. On that note, it’s not too late to get your Season Pass from Storm Moon Press! It gives you access not only to all the episodes but the bonus short stories we’ve written as well as some exclusive artwork from our amazing cover artist, Nathie. You also get the compiled e-book once it’s released, so you’re definitely getting your money’s worth. I can’t recommend it enough, and I hope everyone enjoys the extras they get. We love sharing bits and pieces of our characters outside the main plot!

My goal for today? Do a lot of writing and perhaps start updating my poor, neglected, pitiful website. I haven’t updated my website since mid-August of last year, y’all. That’s gotta change! XD

I hope you all are doing well! Drop me a comment to tell me what you’ve been up to if you like! I’m always happy to hear about new writing projects or any exciting news you wanna share! Who’s got a WIP that they’re excited about? 😀

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