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Vote for Storm Moon Press Cover Art!

September 16, 2013

A couple things to cover on this blog post. Business first, personal news after. 🙂
1: Vote for Storm Moon Press Cover Art!
Storm Moon Press takes great pride in our artists and the artwork they produce for our covers. We have several covers that have moved on to the second round of the Rainbow Awards, and we’d love for everyone to vote! The list is HUGE and kinda daunting, I know, but I’m breaking it down for you if you’d like to support SMP artists, which include Yana Goya, Diana Callinger, Sylwia, and the wonderful Nathie. The link to vote is HERE.

Vote for the following to support SMP Cover Artists! All but the final two are in the “Illustrated” category (aka Drawn covers instead of Photomanip covers ^_-):

After the First Taste of Love
Yana Goya

Angel’s Redemption
Yana Goya

Blood and Lipstick



Making Ends Meet
Diana Callinger



Weight of a Gun II

Written in Flesh

Barbarossa’s Bitch
Dare Empire

Gentlemen’s Parlor
Dare Empire

2. KPiet.Net Finally Updated!
That’s right! After over a year of my website laying stagnant and sad, it’s finally been updated. S.L. Armstrong (bless this woman!) helped me update not only the content but redesigned things so I have rainbows and sparkles! I’m so very happy with the revamp, and I hope everyone goes and checks it out at KPiet.Net! Yay for pretty new website bits! Now, I just have to smack myself into keeping it updated whenever something new comes out. 😀
3. On the Job Front
After a really shitty two weeks at my day job (massage therapist) with next to no work, I’ve put in my resumé once again at Massage Envy. New location, same company, same corporate song and dance that I’ve gotten quite used to. I don’t care to work for corporate when I can help it, but at the same time, it’s steady work that I really could use at the moment. I’ve done very well at Massage Envy in the past, and since there are no larger spas or resorts within a reasonable commute, I figure I’ll try to balance evening shifts at M.E. with my current work at Releaf Day Spa, which has a fantastic atmosphere but work is more spotty. Here’s hoping the balance of the two will help get my income where I’d like it to be without completely burning me out again. 🙂

Also in Job news, my roomie, Roger (Saundra’s husband) got a new job. We’re really excited for him! He’s super smart and totally impressed the room of programmers who interviewed him for a good computer programming job. I’m amazed by his intellect, and I hope he settles in really well at his new job. It’s a bit of a commute, but I think he’ll do a great job. Without him, I know Storm Moon Press would be lost. We love our Code-Monkey!

Last on the job front, Saundra and I are still busy bees updating our etsy shop, KS Charms. Here are a couple more teasers for you, and yes, that first one is Anti-Possession Charms from Supernatural. ;D Enjoy and have a great week!

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