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Turning Adolescent Nightmares into Erotic Fiction

April 19, 2015

Bit of a random blog post here, but I thought I’d follow a whim for once and post something silly and off the cuff. 🙂

So, when most people are going through adolescence, we have a series of nightmares I think we carry with us. Usually, I think these center around things like social humiliation and the like. I know mine did. All those tales of people dreaming they showed up to school naked and were laughed at… that sort of stuff.

One I randomly remembered and thought I’d foist onto you unsuspecting blog follwers was a little nightmare/fear that I held once I got into high school. Let me set the scene (I’m an author, after all):

Chemistry class. Goggles and aprons. Bunsen burners, glass titration flutes running down into flasks, mystery chemicals just waiting for the right catalyst to start that reaction everyone’s been aiming for. But some students are better at chemistry experiments than others, and suddenly your lab partner–or worse yet, you yourself–fumbles with some aqueous chemical. You panic as it splashes you, and some of the powder you were measuring (in moles, of course) joins the fluid on your skin. Apparently, the two should not mix, and suddenly your skin is on fire, the chemicals burning even through your clothing. You shout, alarmed, and a teacher rushes over, but there’s nothing to be done but to shove you over to the shower.

That’s right. The shower. Remember those safety showers that were kept in the corners of the chemistry rooms? They had two purposes: flushing eyes out through little eye-cup fountains… and full-out dousing the fuck out of a student. But hey, you’re covered in burning, remember? So someone pulls the tab and yanks the switch, and you’re immediately soaking wet and told to strip off every single article of clothing that the chemicals might have touched.

Completely naked. In front of your classmates. And you just know that class has your high school nemesis and their cronies in it, and they’re stifling back laughter as you’re forced into that vulnerable, terrifying position. But what’s worse is the person you’ve secretly admired, the one you carry a hidden flame for… they’re also there, seeing more of you than you were ready for.


And I feared being in that position in high school. It wasn’t debilitating–I didn’t freak out in Chem class whenever we were working experiments that had a little risk to them–but I definitely remember how horrible it sounded to have to strip completely in front of your classmates and be doused from head to toe.

But that’s the sort of stuff I draw on when I write. I remember things like that and twist them around into fodder for my erotic fiction. Because as embarrassing as it would have been, what if it served as an erotic catalyst to a relationship forming? I don’t typically write YA, so I’m not necessarily talking about high school kids, but what about a Teachers Aide or Graduate Assistant in college getting into that situation and being exposed to their students? If there’s an existing flame between them, something being denied, maybe that incident would spur them into action.

Well… That’s assuming no lasting harm was done by the chemicals. But then, even taking a bad situation to worse like that could still work in my twisted mind.

So! Any of you have childhood or adolescent nightmares? Share some in the comments!

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